Direct Selling and My Role in Your Business

My apologies.

I have been so busy “breaking news”, that I have omitted a major aspect of the business.

My previous business was in Financial Strategy and Management.

When we talk about investment, the conversation invariably goes straight to Stocks or Real Estate? Which Stocks? Where to buy?

The short answer is “forget all that; let’s firstly understand your situation and needs, then we can Plan a Strategy; then we can add Product.

“Product” is more a button-pressing exercise, the rest, the most important part, is about You.

Now let me hesitate: one of the most meaningful statements, and I use it as a quote, was from a very successful American Financial Advisor, at a Conference in Melbourne.

He came on in the last session, late Friday afternoon, after a week-long event.

Most of the people were now in the Pub or on the Golf Course, and many in the room were asleep in their chairs.

They missed the Gem of the Conference. He said: “I spend our first session listening to who you are, where you are and what you Want, then I spend the rest of our relationship convincing you of what you Need”.

From my previuous business, there will be plenty who might step up, and rightly tell you that I mis-read the market, and did not adjust the strategy. The result was exactly the same for me as it was for them.

That is no excuse, and doesn’t ease the pain in any way for my valued clients.

In the context of the current situation, I have one specific belief and strategy: Direct Selling is NOW, and is the future.

Have a look around you: everyone has their head down in their phone. Not everyone is taking Selfies and discussing last night’s party. Much of today’s business is happening right before your eyes.

It is not too late; it is not going away.

No fisherman comes home broken-hearted because he did not catch every fish in the bay. He keeps fishing and fulfills his expectations. If you had a “Yes” from every prospect, could you deliver?

Back to my point. When I advise you of a Product that I consider of good value and benefit, I show you the way to Buy, usually as:

  • a Retail Consumer, or as
  • A Member or Associate, whereby you might avail yourself of discounts, and you may pass on to others.

I consider that you, as a Retail Customer are receiving the products that I offer, at fair value.

A Member or Associate has the opportunity to buy at Member rates, and work hard and sell the Product and, and receive rewards for her work.

There are no free lunches in the Direct Selling business. You work for everything you get.

Back to my point: When I encourage you to Join, or become a Member or Associate, I am offering you all the assistance and advice to facilitate your Hope and Desire.

You will hear “this business is simple”

It is not easy.  Surprise!!  You have to work. But you have help and direction.

Your hard, successful work will definitely help me, but it can also take you way past me in earnings. It is all up to you, and you have me to help you do it.

The ideal time to start Direct Selling is now:

If you have a job, do it part-time.

If you are stuck at home, do it in your time.

If you need extra income, do it.

If you are retired, do it.

If you are about to retire – and you will one day, do it NOW.

Your aim is to create a continual residual income. Then you can fill in the rest of your time doing whatever works for you.

So next time I advise you of a product or service, look at the wider, long range aspect and determine, “will it fit my needs?”.

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My aim and role is to bring you quality products and services, and to help you build a business around them.

I encourage your comment and enquiries.


With my best wishes,  David Massey (





I Have Second Thoughts on the Relevance of This Photo


You will note my initial comment on this photo. I have second thoughts on the relevance of this photo. In reality, the photo is very symbolic of the phase that I have been passing through. And I am pleased to believe that I am now in the reconstruction and recovery phase.  There is plenty of soul-searching involved, but it all comes back to basics.

I am not expected to be perfect; I am expected to do the best I can with the resources that I have and create.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses/ preferences; my preferred operational method does not suit all. This is my preferred path, toward achieving goals that will benefit all.

On-line Attraction Marketing and sharing Valuable Benefits is my preferred Path and Goal.

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I am interested in your comments, opinions and queries.

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