“Just Another MLM Company”. End of Story… or is it?

“It’s Just Another MLM Company”

 This is the most common phrase that I hear (day by day) in my Attraction Marketing business.

There are thousands of MLM companies; there are millions of share based companies; there are multi-millions of private businesses.

A minority of “businesses” are unqualified successes, and your chance of getting to the top rung of ANY of them is …    But the general perception is, that working for a company is the only ethical way of working and doing business.

In Multi Level Marketing (MLM), everybody starts with nothing; very few people are prepared to do the work necessary to succeed, and very few people follow the advice of those who have succeeded. So they fail, so MLM gets a bad name.

Most businesses have a commission / or effort based remuneration system, somewhere in their structure. We would hope so. Have you ever bought a car where the salesman was not on commission? And did his boss get a commission on the sale also?

So why is everybody so obsessed with, and up in arms against your friend or relative who might receive a commission from an MLM company, which he has had the guts to join and promote, and works hard for?

And how is he going to get a commission if he doesn’t promote it?

“The animal of prey preys, or doesn’t eat.  A marketer markets, or doesn’t eat”.

photo Tiger 

In any business, you are more likely to earn more the longer you are there. Is that inequitable? Of course the early birds have a good chance of earning more…if they stick at it.

“Will it all be gone by the time that I start?”  There are billions of people in the world (market). Will you be happy with a small percentage of that?

Let me give you a glimpse of a part of the work schedule of Rob, one of the world’s best marketers:

1) Produced 20 keyword researched videos

2) Published all 20 videos as Hangouts

3) Published all 20 videos as You Tube videos

4) Embedded all videos on his web-site

5) Embedded all videos on a blog site

6)Promoted all links using SocialAdr and SpinDistribute

… and more

All in ONE week. And he produced lots of traffic.

Rob puts the Work into NetWorking.

Rob Fore has been, and is, extremely successful in several MLM companies. He is ethical, open and helpful to all.

Not all of Rob’s ventures have proved to be winners – he moves on, and starts again…and is extremely successful, and helps others become extremely successful. That is the nature of MLM.

What can be more ethical than to mentor, train and help your team to earn an honest living?

As you have seen from my posts, I most probably will never achieve the level of expertise displayed above, however the everyday tools and techniques are available to everybody. (My grandchildren might reach that level of expertise in a matter of few weeks, but that is another story! As you might experience).

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The whole team in every good organization, work together for the benefit of all, and for the excellence of the product. Is this a reasonable concept?

So when you refer to Just Another MLM Company, you might consider the amount of work that everyday people are putting into that company, to assist to bring you a worthwhile product, and make a living for all concerned.

If you would like to see more than just another MLM Company, click here. This link refers to the Australia, however we are in many countries, and my link is valid for you in your country. Your product gets delivered to your door, same as mine.

You can Email me at: davidmassey500@gmail.com, and I can help you with your start-up and queries.

With my very best wishes

David Massey – Independant Reliv Distributor






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