What If … Too Late – it’s already happening!

What If… Too Late – it’s already happening!

Your question now is “how much, how soon, what must I do?”

When will your present job / career, or the one that you are contemplating, become obsolete and disappear. When will a robot replace you?

When will the gasoline engine, with 20,000 individual parts, be replaced with the electric motor with 20 parts (no repairs, just replace it while you have a coffee)?

Will a child born today ever buy a personal car, or own his own home?
Where will the jobs of the engine manufacturers, the gas stations, the motor mechanics go?

When will Solar energy replace coal and gasoline energy? Where will the jobs go?

What functions will software and mobile phones replace?

Will there be a future need for big cities?

With all knowledge available on the internet, will schools, which essentially hav’n’t changed in our lifetime, become a thing of the past?

New technology sounds great, but where will it leave you and your “job” and income?
Health – a diagnostic function is presently being developed for your phone, which will identify most of your vital readings, and diagnose nearly any disease. This will impact on the medical profession.
You will get an answer sooner, but what are you doing about ensuring that you are in the best position to maintain your health? It is much cheaper and more enjoyable to maintain health than to try to regain it.

If our current huge international companies become redundant, how will the overall world economy fair.
Your Superannuation is tied into the profitable companies and industries of the world; if they collapse so will your expected retirement income.

Even if a Government Pension was sufficient for survival, it can only be provided by Governments if they have sufficient income-earning taxpayers.
Already the system is at breaking point, imagine where we will be in x? years’ time.

It should be obvious that you should start now to create an alternate and independent income, which can move with the trends and conditions.
There are many alternatives in this area, with all of the help that you need to set up and start earning that vital income. You need to have it well and truly established by the time that you are considering retirement.

No one is going to do it for you – if it’s going to happen, it’s up to you.

Complete the form and we will come back to you with helpfull information to make a choice for your entry into the next generation.

People Around The World Meet To Learn About Reliv Simplicity

People Around The World Meet To Learn About Reliv Simplicity

Every day around the world, there is a meeting or gathering of people who want to know of the benefits of the Nutritional qualities of Reliv, realising of the simplicity of the range and program.

They want to know about the product, and how to Buy it and how to Sell it.

In my area, Melbourne Australia, we have a meeting at 7.30pm next Tuesday, 25th September at The Golden Pebble, corner Stud and Boronia Roads, Wantirna.

Leave your Whistles and Whoop Whoops at the door and enjoy nice people, looking for the benefits of improved Health, Energy, and Wellness from taking a daily Reliv Shake, and Sharing it.

I expect to be there, and would like to meet you. It’s simple and uncomplicated, and proven over 30 years.

I wonder at the Chemist, Health Shops and Supermarket aisles full of tablets and formulas of every vitamin, mineral, herb and mixture, when you can get all of your daily requirement of essential elements in one daily spoonful of Reliv, which will give your body what it needs to do the clean-up and replenishment job that it is designed to do.

Can it get any easier?

Who is so good at diagnosis to be able to choose the right bottle in the right quantity, in the right mix with everything else, to hit the right spot?

As well as our Standard line, we have a special formula for Kids, and one for Arthritis.

And mentioning Kids, could you do with some extra money for Schooling, Holidays, and the little extras to make life a little easier?

For your part of the world, follow this link and go to  About Us – World Offices,  to find the  office near you; or contact me below. You can complete the information schedule to register as a Retail Customer (no cost), or just go to the headings listed to look around.

Send a message below; I’ll be interested in your thoughts.