Reliv Simplicity

Reliv Simplicity

How easy; choose from our small range of Shakes* and start to Reliv your life.

We dont cure; we give your body what it needs to do what it is meant to do… to use the necessary daily vitamins and minerals to build and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Our thousands of users will testify to this, and the benefits that they enjoy every day.

We feed 40,000+ children around the world who would otherwise die of starvation and malnutrition. Reliv cares.

Many aged patients feed on Reliv alone for nourishment and maintenance.

We have a special Kids 2 – 12y.o., formula to boost the necessary body building essentials.

*To make your own perfect and personal Shake, have a look at one that we have found to be versatile and easy to use.

View Dr Carl Hastings, Chief Scientific Office, explanation of the products and our mission.

Let me help you get started on a simple daily meal or supplement of Reliv, that you will enjoy and become an advocate. You can complete the form as a retail customer, at no cost, no obligation.

Once in the site, you can look around and see what I like about Reliv and it’s contribution to world health and wellness.

Various options are open to you; drop me a note below, and we can discuss.

David Massey – Independent Reliv Distributor.



People Around The World Meet To Learn About Reliv Simplicity

People Around The World Meet To Learn About Reliv Simplicity

Every day around the world, there is a meeting or gathering of people who want to know of the benefits of the Nutritional qualities of Reliv, realising of the simplicity of the range and program.

They want to know about the product, and how to Buy it and how to Sell it.

In my area, Melbourne Australia, we have a meeting at 7.30pm next Tuesday, 25th September at The Golden Pebble, corner Stud and Boronia Roads, Wantirna.

Leave your Whistles and Whoop Whoops at the door and enjoy nice people, looking for the benefits of improved Health, Energy, and Wellness from taking a daily Reliv Shake, and Sharing it.

I expect to be there, and would like to meet you. It’s simple and uncomplicated, and proven over 30 years.

I wonder at the Chemist, Health Shops and Supermarket aisles full of tablets and formulas of every vitamin, mineral, herb and mixture, when you can get all of your daily requirement of essential elements in one daily spoonful of Reliv, which will give your body what it needs to do the clean-up and replenishment job that it is designed to do.

Can it get any easier?

Who is so good at diagnosis to be able to choose the right bottle in the right quantity, in the right mix with everything else, to hit the right spot?

As well as our Standard line, we have a special formula for Kids, and one for Arthritis.

And mentioning Kids, could you do with some extra money for Schooling, Holidays, and the little extras to make life a little easier?

For your part of the world, follow this link and go to  About Us – World Offices,  to find the  office near you; or contact me below. You can complete the information schedule to register as a Retail Customer (no cost), or just go to the headings listed to look around.

Send a message below; I’ll be interested in your thoughts.