Wake Up Australia


Wake Up Australia

We have spent all day on radio, TV and newspapers, worrying about a couple of Abos waving their arms around on a sporting field.

And before I go on;

We can call Australians “Aussies”, but we can’t call Aborigines “Aborigines” (which they are, and call themselves, and is their true name), nor “Abos”.

Give me a break!

And to make it worse, a “respected” 3AW broadcaster agreed that it was all right to “Boo” (at anything) at a sporting match. The targets in this case were Abo Swans players, Jetta and Goodes.

I hope that if the broadcaster’s father was listening, he would have smacked him around the ears.

It is not all right to “Boo” at a sporting match, except maybe in a reflex action to an on-the-moment incident.

However, to important things, on last night’s 60 Minutes current affairs TV program, they broke a story about high positioned persons in a massive cover-up to suppress massive on-going child molestation and rape.

An “authority”, well dressed and well spoken, a declared paedophiliac, maintained that a child of four years old has the authority and licence to agree to sex and sexual acts…”she/he can speak”!

It was a short segment, and prompted little argument from the interviewer.

I have not heard one word about it all day on radio, TV, nor newspapers!

We have lost our way; and as I have said before, it is up to you and me to change things. You can’t expect Governments to make changes of personal integrity, only you and I can do that.


And remember “Don’t ever deny the opportunity to one to feel good about oneself.”