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If you have never read anything that I have said, nor taken any notice, YOU need to read this. No sales pitch.

(I think that I might have said something similar before). I guess that I meant it.

I am, and I am sure that we all are, sick and tired of  the dismissive action from Police on the reports of violence and threat, and the disgusting rulings from the Courts on Violence, Rape, Murder, and Home Abuse.

We are quick to blame the Police and the Courts, with just cause, however, the problem can only be solved by YOU. No excuses, YOU.

In my day, we were brought up to respect all around us, work hard, and “do the right thing”.

Things have changed, and they have only changed because of YOU.

Don’t blame the Courts and the Schools…and everybody else…it is because of how you have brought up your children. The Teachers were brought up by YOU.

No matter how old you are and your children are, it is still up to YOU to bring them to act with love and integrity, and to do the right thing. Everybody knows what is “the right thing”, it is up to YOU to instill this daily down the line of your family and to all of your friends…every day.

The Police and the Government CAN NOT solve this problem.

WE can.

YOU DO IT, or you live with the consequences, and don’t complain.

On a lighter note, but equally as important, I watched a mum walking her 3 and 5 y.o. daughters down the beach at Mornington, today; all very happy and relaxed. The 3y.o had a dummy in her mouth!    Where is this headed?

I Sat Down With a Blank Mind

I sat down with a blank mind, and nothing to do… not unusual for me you might say.

 I started typing:

What’s on Your Mind? … Who cares?

What do people want?

  • Easy money for little work
  • Personal confirmation and endorsement
  • Empathy
  • A solution;  How do I …?

What do people want to know?

  • How can I create or enhance my own income and lifestyle?
  • Can you help me to create or enhance an income and improve my lifestyle?
  • Practical;  How do I …?

Where do I go / what can I do, to find out?

How do I?

How can you help me?

Are you the person* to listen to? Do I trust you?

 *Are you family or a friend? Yes – YOU ARE NOT THE PERSON TO TELL ME. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! 

 Enough.  If I knew, I would not have had a blank mind.

There is no answer, but there are many pointers that help us to follow a path or opinion or an idea which might give us satisfaction and fill a void in our lives.

It doesn’t matter from whence it came; it just has to strike you as worthy of further investigation.

Over the many years that I have been self-employed, and “otherwise seeking”, hundreds of hot opportunities, ideas and businesses have sprung up, and many people have made their fortune, or at least made a worthwhile additional income or improvement.

Every day I receive many such emails.

Whatever it might be that interests you, you will get a reasonable idea of the quality and integrity of the project as you learn more and receive the details from the source.

And if it ticks the initial boxes, you must ask yourself, “Am I prepared to do the work necessary to make this successful for me?”

Irrespective of the quality of the project, this is the point of honesty and reality, and only you can get successfully past this point.   

As indicated above, I do not have the answer – not even a suggestion!

My “pursuits” generally started with the intent of making money, and still have that element. However, the greater picture is that I do, and must believe, that the item is beneficial.**

**We are reading lately of a schoolboy who floated a “business” of buying and selling cheap Watches and other items. The business has (temporarily?) failed, but the Press are crucifying him and dining out on the fact that many Private School boys have joined him in the project.

Eventually, some pertinent facts have been revealed and we can make a sane assessment of the matter.

As mentioned above, do your homework, and get a good grasp on the source, the history, and the integrity of the proposal. “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”. But even the most successful businesses have hiccups, some terminal.

One program that I use weekly is a Cashback Buying facility. It has income potential, but day-by-day, it saves me money. I receive worthwhile personal discounts (which are monetized by Cashback) on daily purchases.  Savings are Earnings.

The result of $1 of income could be anything from a loss to $1 profit.

However, $1 of saving = $1 profit.

 There are income possibilities in the facility which might eventuate over time. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my discounts, and know that the one thing that is certain in life, is that people buy every day…“Get yourself at the head of a stampede, and enjoy the ride”

How to offer to others, the facility to obtain a Cashback discount, appears to be the absolute greatest challenge ever.

If you use a Coffee card, where the 10th coffee is free, you are getting a 10% saving.

Imagine getting an average of 10% discount on general or specific shopping, and receiving the 10th week of shopping free. It appeals to me. One might think that it would be a no-brainer!

I also buy and use Herbalife Nutritional products. Those that know me, will recognize that such a program is beneficial in maintaining a high level active physical presence.

My previous life was specializing in Professional Financial Planning and Strategy. The GFC caught me and my clients short, and is not a happy story.

However, I do maintain close links to active specialists in the field and am adamant that everybody needs specialist help in this area. Do not believe that the Age Pension will see you through your (40+/- years of) retirement.

You must have substantial Superannuation or alternate reserves, and / or,  continuing alternate (passive) income, to see you through your retirement.

Don’t ever underestimate the value of regular dividend income! The sooner you set up your dividend producing portfolio (and keep adding to it), the better. It takes time and it is boring – but absolutely essential.

I can direct you to your immediate opportunity to receive your Cashback discounts on many of your purchases; go to: http://bit.ly/1t4ZySL

… To join is free and immediate. Upgrade is available.

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For other matters, email me at david@massey500.com for further information and action.

So, from a blank sheet and no ideas, I have filled two pages.

Success might be defined as “Becoming a Credible Expert and passively teaching your market.” It will prove to be the vital element in achieving success in any program or field of endeavour.

My best wishes with your wants, desires and open mind.

Start yourself with a blank sheet and see where you go.

Let me know.

With best wishes

David Massey

Mobile: 0402 349 218  (International +61 402 349 218)

Email: david@massey500.com

My web site: www.massey500.com


Spreadsheet for Your Budget, Take to Your Tax Accountant, Record Keeping, or Write a Letter

Spreadsheet for Your Budget, Take to Your Tax Accountant, Record Keeping, or Write a Letter…challenge a fine; claim a refund; explain how you feel. We can help.

What Do You Need?

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And you might be trying to establish and monitor your Budget and Commitments, or Plan a Trip.

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Home Help is available**.

Whatever you need in putting pen-to-paper, ask if we can help. Tell us what you need.

If you can read this, your locality is not a problem; that is the new world, and you are part of it.

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David Massey

*Formerly and Formally qualified to CPA, Specialist in Professional Financial Planning