Becoming a Freelance Writer

A most honorable ambition; Becoming a Freelance Writer.

How? Do you go to University?

Do you submit hundreds of articles to every publication, local and universal, and hope that someone might publish one?

Are you tailoring your articles to subjects that you think that the editor might like… compromising your writing?

Did you get any published? Did you get paid? How much time did you spend?

Freelance writing should allow you to be totally independent, and should be fun. It should be structured to satisfy your wants, needs, opinions and ambitions. 

Can you be paid for doing this…? YES – abundantly! Your rewards in life are commensurate with the service that you provide.

As an independent writer, at a very basic level, you can open your own Web-site / Blog, with your own title, and begin to …WRITE. As I am doing now.

You might want to give an opinion, provide information, promote a product or event, or just ramble-on.

You might argue that you can use the Social Media to do this – free. Yes you can, but if you are serious about something, or have something to sell, it is best to use the Social Media as a pointer to your own Blog. Once at your Blog, you have their undivided attention, and you can do your own thing.

If you are building a business, your own Web-site is essential.

As your needs evolve, you will learn how to enhance the site, or you will enlist the services of a Web Builder. I am still at the DIY stage; the opportunities are there for everybody.

We have associate programs that assist in:

  • how to get noticed
  • how to get very well rewarded
  • how to sell and promote your business, or interest.

Write about what you want. Promote any product, service or philosophy that you want.

Send us an email if you would like further information or assistance, at:,

or mobile +61 402 349 218.

Note that we might have time zone differences, however, I will endeavour to speak to you in your real-time if possible.

Best wishes always,

David Massey

“Never deny someone the opportunity to feel good about himself” – Mass