Home Violence and Abuse, Street Violence, Police and Court Action

If you have never read anything that I have said, nor taken any notice, YOU need to read this. No sales pitch.

(I think that I might have said something similar before). I guess that I meant it.

I am, and I am sure that we all are, sick and tired of  the dismissive action from Police on the reports of violence and threat, and the disgusting rulings from the Courts on Violence, Rape, Murder, and Home Abuse.

We are quick to blame the Police and the Courts, with just cause, however, the problem can only be solved by YOU. No excuses, YOU.

In my day, we were brought up to respect all around us, work hard, and “do the right thing”.

Things have changed, and they have only changed because of YOU.

Don’t blame the Courts and the Schools…and everybody else…it is because of how you have brought up your children. The Teachers were brought up by YOU.

No matter how old you are and your children are, it is still up to YOU to bring them to act with love and integrity, and to do the right thing. Everybody knows what is “the right thing”, it is up to YOU to instill this daily down the line of your family and to all of your friends…every day.

The Police and the Government CAN NOT solve this problem.

WE can.

YOU DO IT, or you live with the consequences, and don’t complain.

On a lighter note, but equally as important, I watched a mum walking her 3 and 5 y.o. daughters down the beach at Mornington, today; all very happy and relaxed. The 3y.o had a dummy in her mouth!    Where is this headed?

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