Rats in the Rafters?

Do You Smell a Rat? 

Until recently, I was working as an Independent Distributor for HomeCARE Direct Shopping* (HC).

In the two years that I was with them, I had my Territories (territories that I had fully serviced and developed) taken away from me and re-allocated to others, four times.

In the first and last instance (at least), the beneficiary of my plundered territories was the same Area Manager. Not by co-incidence I suggest!

Mid-course, after “discussion”, I was assigned to new Area Manager, who was going to “make sure that things were done correctly”. Given his obsession with Territories and protocol, I found it reasonable to assume that, inter-alia, he would ensure that there would be no more misappropriations. I was wrong on all counts.

On the last, recent occurrence, after more discussion and heavy objection, and claim for loss of income, I have been locked out of my On-line HC Web page, and have not heard a word from them since.

*They have not sent a Notice of Termination, nor have they claimed the money due to them for my last delivery of goods (they are always very quick to attend to these matters).

Do you smell a Rat?

The Rats do have a name and I am happy to name them. I have no doubt that they are protecting their jobs by hoping that I will go away and not bring this malpractice to the attention of Senior Management of HomeCARE and the Public…you.

It wont go away; I have records of all emails and discussions from day 1, which substantiate the facts, and have had many phone calls from my clients who endorse my assertions.

I worked hard at developing my business, and servicing my clients. It takes time to build and nurture a Clientele, and it requires a large Clientele to make the business viable.

With four area terminations and disruptions within two years, this is an impossible situation. It is sole destroying and financially devastating. HC does not suffer, because I have built a recurring business in each area for them.

I expected to be doing this for at least the next five years; I believe that  substantial compensation (and penalties) are due.

I will not be recommending this company to anyone!


2 thoughts on “Rats in the Rafters?

  1. For years I have been supporting my local Home Care person in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. But not any more if their Managers are treating their distributors like this. I only purchased products to help the “small local guy” who treads the pavement to make a few dollars. I say to those big guys “May the fleas of 1000 camels infest your armpits.” Open the conversation with DM.

    • Yes; thanks Rose. I don’t want to destroy the Street Army, however if they got their territory from corrupt managers, so be it.


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