“Just Another MLM Company”. End of Story… or is it?


“It’s Just Another MLM Company”

 This is the most common phrase that I hear (day by day) in my Attraction Marketing business.

There are thousands of MLM companies; there are millions of share based companies; there are multi-millions of private businesses.

A minority are unqualified successes, and your chance of getting to the top rung of ANY of them is …    But the general perception is that this is the only ethical way of working and doing business.

In MLM, everybody starts with nothing; very few people are prepared to do the work necessary to succeed, and very few people follow the advice of those who have succeeded. So they fail, so MLM gets a bad name.

Most businesses have a commission / or effort based remuneration system, somewhere in their structure. We would hope so. Have you ever bought a car where the salesman was not on commission?

So why is everybody so obsessed with, and up in arms against your friend or relative who might receive a commission from an MLM company, which he has had the guts to join and promote, and works hard for?

And how is he going to get a commission if he doesn’t promote it?

“The animal of prey preys, or doesn’t eat.  A marketer markets, or doesn’t eat”.

photo Tiger 

In any business, you are more likely to earn more the longer you are there. Is that inequitable? Of course the early birds have a good chance of earning more…if they stick at it.

“Will it all be gone by the time that I start?”  There are billions of people in the world (market). Will you be happy with a small percentage of that?

Let me give you a glimpse of a part of the work schedule of Rob, one of the world’s best marketers:

1) Produced 20 keyword researched videos

2) Published all 20 videos as Hangouts

3) Published all 20 videos as You Tube videos

4) Embedded all videos on betternetworker.com

5) Embedded all videos on mlmcompanies411blogspot.com

6) Embedded all videos on a blog site

7)Promoted all links using SocialAdr and SpinDistribute

… and more

All in ONE week, and produced lots of traffic.

Rob puts the Work into NetWorking.

Rob Fore has been, and is, extremely successful in several MLM companies; he rates Dubli as a major company and opportunity, and is pouring this level of activity into it’s promotion.

He is our sponsor and mentor; all of his work is available for us to use and from which to build our businesses.

What can be more ethical than to mentor, train and help your team to earn an honest living?

We have Rob working with and for us.

As you have seen from my posts, I most probably will never achieve the level of expertise displayed here, however Rob is only using everyday tools and techniques available to everybody. (My grandchildren might reach it in a few weeks, but that is another story!)

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The whole team in this, and every good organization, work together for the benefit of all, and for the excellence of the product. Is this a reasonable concept?

So when you refer to Just Another MLM Company, you might consider the amount of work that everyday people are putting into that company, to assist to make a living for all concerned.

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It’s a No-Brainer

Last night’s news made it a No-Brainer.

The 7’5” basketballer, who can hold the ring whilst still on the ground!

Many of our major sports need to be changed. To be brought up-to-date.

The Human Race continues to grow taller, faster, fitter, and more skilled.

Sportsmen dedicate the prime years of their lives to sport and it’s demands. The major sports are all full-time professional.

We need to re-write and adjust the rules and specifications of many of our games.

Let’s look at a few…

Basketball / Netball:

When it no longer becomes a challenge to shoot a goal, we need to raise the ring. We lower it for junior sport; raise it for senior, or perhaps professional sport.

Or raise it for professional sport, and grade other competitions into height of the players (of all ages), and set the height of the ring accordingly.


Softball was originally established to enable everyone to play “baseball in the park”.

Because of the over-sized ball it was slower, took up less ground space, and enabled the casual player to have a game. And in the open park, the bigger ball is less dangerous to the public.

As is the custom, we developed skills and created organized competition, and far outgrew the original concept.

Professional and Grade Softball is much faster and harder than Baseball. A Baseballer, playing at an equivalent level of Softball might find it difficult to even lay bat on ball – as happened to me.

Also, I find it ludicrous (and physically detrimental) to expect a small child (usually a girl) to throw the over-sized Softball in competition.

For junior competition the ball needs to be reduced in size, and perhaps composition made softer (a Softball is not soft).

For senior competition the diamond needs to be extended. The good players and professionals hit the ball as hard as a Baseballer. The pitcher and baseplayers, have to field close to the bat to throw out a runner, as the distance between bags is so short. This is dangerous.

The pitching distance, whilst Ok for casual play, becomes exceptionally close when a good pitcher takes the plate. And the pitchers are allowed to drag off the pitching plate as they deliver the ball, making them almost on top of the batter. And they are fast!

Adjustments need to be made.


Although (many) of the batsmen are now extensively padded and protected, an exceptionally fast bowler becomes a lethal weapon.

I am not quite sure what the answer might be… lengthen the pitch? …Soften the composition of the ball? … manufacture standard “softer” pitches?

All will be scorned by the traditionalist, however consideration should be given to the situation.


We are demonstrating a common thread; retain the integrity, excellence and challenge of the game by making some fundamentals adjustments.

Of course, these goals and standards all get thrown out the window when we look at Australian Rules Football, or Mauleball as it has become.

The AFL Administration (the AFL) over the past 20 years have done and are continuing daily, to destroy the integrity and spectacle of the game.

Australian Rules Football, is a game of 100 minutes between two sides of 18 players, with two reserve players who may replace two players during the game.

There are a handful of rules which work. Having said that, I believe that the Charge is cowardly, dangerous and against the spirit of any game.

The AFL have taken to weekly interpreting and changing interpretations of rules, rather than enforcing them, until today it is utter pandemonium.

Our great game has become the most unruly, undisciplined and ugly game of all major sports.

The AFL have compounded the problem of the roving, mauling pack, by allowing four reserves, and unlimited interchange between all players. This has totally destroyed any concept of positional play and genuine contest.

I am criticizing the AFL, but the Coaches must also take blame. Coaches only coach to “what is allowed”. If you make the following changes, the Coaches will “adapt”.

All AFL players are now 12 month professionals. They are bigger, faster, fitter and more skilled than 30 years ago.

The ground size has not changed, thus, it is obvious that there are far too many players on the field.

There should be a reduction to 16 players per side with six replacement reserves.

Once taken off, a player may not return to the game. The exception is if a player is ordered off under the Blood rule, he may return; and if he returns and replaces his replacement, the latter may take the field again…and again…

Other matters which need attention include:

Ruck-play – is a farce and meaningless. Tell me how anyone wins a tap, by bringing the ball down to his own feet!

Why are Ruckmen allowed to hold each other?

I suggest that we take everyone out of the circle (and imaginary circle around the ground and at Throw-in) until the Ruckmen have cleared the ball. At the Centre Bounce, also keep other players outside of the Centre Square until the ball has cleared the Square.

Holding – is not legal if the player does not have possession of the ball.

Any form of contact with another player is not legal until

  1. the ball is in play and
  2. the ball is within 15 (?) metres

The Charge – Taking out a player with a Charge is cowardly, dangerous, and does not have a place in our game.

 Umpire to the (few basic) rules and we will restore our national game.

Take the microphone away from the umpire an instruct him to make decisions and stop talking, instructing and coaching.

Note: “Play On” is a ruling, not an instruction. Repeat the ruling only if the ball holder appears to be in danger or confusion because he apparently has not heard the ruling.

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David Massey

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How To Get Your Message Across – Your Practical Solution

With over 200 million results, when you Google “How To Get Your Message Across”. is it any wonder that Advertising businesses in their various formats are thriving?

Is it any wonder that your efforts to snare a market are seriously diluted before you even start your plan?

So why am I bothering to write this? … to save you the trouble of sifting through – I just might be able to help you.

All forms of communicative media are flooded, but that does not mean that you can’t get your message across. It will do you well to refer back to the age old pass-time of fishing “you do not expect to, nor want to catch every fish in the pond”.

Throwing a heap of money at an advertising campaign should get some results, but will the benefit cover the cost? Have you enough resources to continue the campaign to ensure that it gets sufficient spread and coverage?

And if perchance, you do get a flood of responses, can you handle the service and delivery requirements of a successful sale, with repeat business?

Obviously you need to have a plan and structure in place to cope with the results of a successful campaign.

Cash Flow is king; without the resources to fund your immediate and continued establishment and building processes, you will just leave a trail of bad references, and eventual disaster.

So that is the good news.

The better news is that there are ways To Get Your Message Across, and there is plenty of help.

I am not going to tell you how I made my first $1m; those who know me will know why, and you might be able to guess.

What I can tell you is that you do need to work at it, and do it regularly and continually.

You need to put yourself in front of your target audience regularly and with credibility.

The expression that I like best here is “put yourself in front of a (surging) hungry market”. Don’t follow the market, put yourself in front of it.

You have at your finger tips the current day “loud speaker” – the internet; brought to you via desk-top and lap-top computer, but more often, the smart-phone.

Follow the eyes. Everywhere you go – on the train, in the street, at the dinner able, in the bedroom – all eyes are glued to the smart-phone. There are thousand of vehicles and Apps which can direct people to your product or message.

The corner-stone of your campaign should be your web-site. This frightens most people off because of the perceived cost, and their lack of technical ability and knowledge about such things. The fear is real and justifiably founded.

However… we can put you into your own web-site, which is fully established, supported and operative, for a minimal monthly charge – less than half a cup of coffee per day. Reasonable?

All you do is write your articles – as many as you want, on anything that you want – with or without pictures, videos, and links to other sites and offers.

A very cheap form of getting your word (about anything) out there!

You will use various means of attraction to bring people to your site.

Assistance is readily available in all aspects of the process. There are Up-grades available to assist in writing, achieving coverage, and income generation.

A fully sponsored and dedicated web-site is available to you, and promotion is also covered.

For less than ½ cup of coffee per day…!

Call me to discuss.

Best wishes always


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Becoming a Freelance Writer

A most honorable ambition; Becoming a Freelance Writer.

How? Do you go to University?

Do you submit hundreds of articles to every publication, local and universal, and hope that someone might publish one?

Are you tailoring your articles to subjects that you think that the editor might like… compromising your writing?

Did you get any published? Did you get paid? How much time did you spend?

Freelance writing should allow you to be totally independent, and should be fun. It should be structured to satisfy your wants, needs, opinions and ambitions. 

Can you be paid for doing this…? YES – abundantly! Your rewards in life are commensurate with the service that you provide.

As an independent writer, at a very basic level, you can open your own Web-site / Blog, with your own title, and begin to …WRITE. As I am doing now.

You might want to give an opinion, provide information, promote a product or event, or just ramble-on.

You might argue that you can use the Social Media to do this – free. Yes you can, but if you are serious about something, or have something to sell, it is best to use the Social Media as a pointer to your own Blog. Once at your Blog, you have their undivided attention, and you can do your own thing.

If you are building a business, your own Web-site is essential.

As your needs evolve, you will learn how to enhance the site, or you will enlist the services of a Web Builder. I am still at the DIY stage; the opportunities are there for everybody.

We have associate programs that assist in:

  • how to get noticed
  • how to get very well rewarded
  • how to sell and promote your business, or interest.

Write about what you want. Promote any product, service or philosophy that you want.

Send us an email if you would like further information or assistance, at:


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Note that we might have time zone differences, however, I will endeavour to speak to you in your real-time if possible.

Best wishes always,

David Massey

“Never deny someone the opportunity to feel good about himself” – Mass