Selfie That Works For You

Is Facebook and Social Media Just Your Selfie toy?

It can be, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can make it a worthwhile experience for yourself and your audience. And thereby expand your audience… And thereby allow you to make a difference.

I have seen from your posts, that most people are happy to endorse a product or event, possibly with the chance to win something for yourself.

If you learn how you can use the Media for mutual advantage, you can promote or sell anything. You might or might not have a personal Business or Product, but you might learn how to help someone to learn how to promote their own interest.

Affiliate Marketing (which you were doing when you tried to win a prize), can be a viable subsidiary income for you. The essential ingredient, is that you are offering a worthwhile and beneficial product or service.

 Direct Selling (DSA) goes hand-in-hand with Affiliate Marketing, and in case you still have doubts, one in four adults have purchased via DSA in the last six months. In 2014, 99 million people were involved, with sales of $182billion.

 20 Countries did in excess of $1bn.

 It is relatively new in China. We are all able to operate internationally… think about it!

As an administrative tool, I am subscribed to My Lead Systems Pro (MLSP), which helps you track the people that show interest in your “product”. MLSP has a comprehensive training programs in exactly what I am now talking about. It will help you to know how and where to send “the right” message. And it has its’ own Affiliate Marketing reward system.

You give and spread Value, and you receive rewards.

And as for your Career / Future, once established, you will no longer have to apply for a job, spend 40+ hours per week at their office, and hope to get rewards for effort and results along the way in addition to a base salary.. and hope that your job is secure.

There are no Glass Ceilings! Everyone starts at the same point, and everyone has the same reward program. 

And what about “Retirement”; what happens then?

You might need the job to start with, but your goal will be to have a job of your choice and convenience, as the supplementary income!

Follow this link, to view something which will endorse some of my points, and perhaps give you a starting point which will tick all of the boxes.The top right of the screen allows you to Buy, Join me Now and buy at Member rates, and view the products and the company. My email address is included. Wander around the site to get acquainted with the products. I think that you will be impressed.

Send me a message; I will be interested to know what you think… there is more!

( )

Remember…every result has a starting point. Might this be your first step?

David Massey




I Have Issues With People

“I have issues with people”.

I often think what I would think and do if my good friend “crossed” me. Take that in it’s very broadest application e.g. stole from me, lied to me, spouse took another partner, slandered me, refused to talk to me…think of your own atrocity or disappointment.

My first consideration is, “is it specifically against me, or is it a path that he has a need to follow?”

At this stage let’s drop gender. “He” relates to all, unless specifically identified.

We all have our weaknesses, our thoughts and reasons, and our insecurities. And our preferences!!!  It might just be that I might not be the “preferred” one, and / or I have seriously offended.

A continued recurrence, or savage assault, requires action, however, in other instances, I try to “roll with the punch”, and refuse to hold a grudge or continuing attitude of conflict.

A good friend, including your closest relative has his own path to run, and is nowhere near perfect – perhaps the same as you and me.

He has his own life to lead, no matter how close you are, and his insecurities. He has to assess his relationship with you, and how each other react to the myriad of circumstances which occur day-to-day.

I have trouble dealing with them – I guess he might also have concerns.

It is evident in today’s society, that there is a marked lack of respect and integrity.

We are experiencing an unprecedented era of lawlessness and violence, including road rage and general physical assault and abuse.

As I have remarked in previous blogs, this will not be solved by legislation. It is up to us as parents, as community members, and as individuals. Our continued attitude and integrity is everything.

The greatest gift that you can give is to “comprehend” an affront, and process it with due understanding and empathy.

One of my sign-off quotes is:

“Never pass the opportunity to allow someone to feel good about himself.”

It is far better, without patronising, to let the other know that you have absorbed the incident, and have left the door open to resolve any conflict. There is rarely right or wrong.

You both save face, and you for one, can sleep better, and face tomorrow without undue anxiety.

If he is a good friend, you have love. There is nothing more important in this short life.


Rats in the Rafters?

Do You Smell a Rat? 

Until recently, I was working as an Independent Distributor for HomeCARE Direct Shopping* (HC).

In the two years that I was with them, I had my Territories (territories that I had fully serviced and developed) taken away from me and re-allocated to others, four times.

In the first and last instance (at least), the beneficiary of my plundered territories was the same Area Manager. Not by co-incidence I suggest!

Mid-course, after “discussion”, I was assigned to new Area Manager, who was going to “make sure that things were done correctly”. Given his obsession with Territories and protocol, I found it reasonable to assume that, inter-alia, he would ensure that there would be no more misappropriations. I was wrong on all counts.

On the last, recent occurrence, after more discussion and heavy objection, and claim for loss of income, I have been locked out of my On-line HC Web page, and have not heard a word from them since.

*They have not sent a Notice of Termination, nor have they claimed the money due to them for my last delivery of goods (they are always very quick to attend to these matters).

Do you smell a Rat?

The Rats do have a name and I am happy to name them. I have no doubt that they are protecting their jobs by hoping that I will go away and not bring this malpractice to the attention of Senior Management of HomeCARE and the Public…you.

It wont go away; I have records of all emails and discussions from day 1, which substantiate the facts, and have had many phone calls from my clients who endorse my assertions.

I worked hard at developing my business, and servicing my clients. It takes time to build and nurture a Clientele, and it requires a large Clientele to make the business viable.

With four area terminations and disruptions within two years, this is an impossible situation. It is sole destroying and financially devastating. HC does not suffer, because I have built a recurring business in each area for them.

I expected to be doing this for at least the next five years; I believe that  substantial compensation (and penalties) are due.

I will not be recommending this company to anyone!


Wake Up Australia


Wake Up Australia

We have spent all day on radio, TV and newspapers, worrying about a couple of Abos waving their arms around on a sporting field.

And before I go on;

We can call Australians “Aussies”, but we can’t call Aborigines “Aborigines” (which they are, and call themselves, and is their true name), nor “Abos”.

Give me a break!

And to make it worse, a “respected” 3AW broadcaster agreed that it was all right to “Boo” (at anything) at a sporting match. The targets in this case were Abo Swans players, Jetta and Goodes.

I hope that if the broadcaster’s father was listening, he would have smacked him around the ears.

It is not all right to “Boo” at a sporting match, except maybe in a reflex action to an on-the-moment incident.

However, to important things, on last night’s 60 Minutes current affairs TV program, they broke a story about high positioned persons in a massive cover-up to suppress massive on-going child molestation and rape.

An “authority”, well dressed and well spoken, a declared paedophiliac, maintained that a child of four years old has the authority and licence to agree to sex and sexual acts…”she/he can speak”!

It was a short segment, and prompted little argument from the interviewer.

I have not heard one word about it all day on radio, TV, nor newspapers!

We have lost our way; and as I have said before, it is up to you and me to change things. You can’t expect Governments to make changes of personal integrity, only you and I can do that.


And remember “Don’t ever deny the opportunity to one to feel good about oneself.”

Home Violence and Abuse, Street Violence, Police and Court Action

If you have never read anything that I have said, nor taken any notice, YOU need to read this. No sales pitch.

(I think that I might have said something similar before). I guess that I meant it.

I am, and I am sure that we all are, sick and tired of  the dismissive action from Police on the reports of violence and threat, and the disgusting rulings from the Courts on Violence, Rape, Murder, and Home Abuse.

We are quick to blame the Police and the Courts, with just cause, however, the problem can only be solved by YOU. No excuses, YOU.

In my day, we were brought up to respect all around us, work hard, and “do the right thing”.

Things have changed, and they have only changed because of YOU.

Don’t blame the Courts and the Schools…and everybody else…it is because of how you have brought up your children. The Teachers were brought up by YOU.

No matter how old you are and your children are, it is still up to YOU to bring them to act with love and integrity, and to do the right thing. Everybody knows what is “the right thing”, it is up to YOU to instill this daily down the line of your family and to all of your friends…every day.

The Police and the Government CAN NOT solve this problem.

WE can.

YOU DO IT, or you live with the consequences, and don’t complain.

On a lighter note, but equally as important, I watched a mum walking her 3 and 5 y.o. daughters down the beach at Mornington, today; all very happy and relaxed. The 3y.o had a dummy in her mouth!    Where is this headed?

I Sat Down With a Blank Mind

I sat down with a blank mind, and nothing to do… not unusual for me you might say.

 I started typing:

What’s on Your Mind? … Who cares?

What do people want?

  • Easy money for little work
  • Personal confirmation and endorsement
  • Empathy
  • A solution;  How do I …?

What do people want to know?

  • How can I create or enhance my own income and lifestyle?
  • Can you help me to create or enhance an income and improve my lifestyle?
  • Practical;  How do I …?

Where do I go / what can I do, to find out?

How do I?

How can you help me?

Are you the person* to listen to? Do I trust you?

 *Are you family or a friend? Yes – YOU ARE NOT THE PERSON TO TELL ME. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! 

 Enough.  If I knew, I would not have had a blank mind.

There is no answer, but there are many pointers that help us to follow a path or opinion or an idea which might give us satisfaction and fill a void in our lives.

It doesn’t matter from whence it came; it just has to strike you as worthy of further investigation.

Over the many years that I have been self-employed, and “otherwise seeking”, hundreds of hot opportunities, ideas and businesses have sprung up, and many people have made their fortune, or at least made a worthwhile additional income or improvement.

Every day I receive many such emails.

Whatever it might be that interests you, you will get a reasonable idea of the quality and integrity of the project as you learn more and receive the details from the source.

And if it ticks the initial boxes, you must ask yourself, “Am I prepared to do the work necessary to make this successful for me?”

Irrespective of the quality of the project, this is the point of honesty and reality, and only you can get successfully past this point.   

As indicated above, I do not have the answer – not even a suggestion!

My “pursuits” generally started with the intent of making money, and still have that element. However, the greater picture is that I do, and must believe, that the item is beneficial.**

**We are reading lately of a schoolboy who floated a “business” of buying and selling cheap Watches and other items. The business has (temporarily?) failed, but the Press are crucifying him and dining out on the fact that many Private School boys have joined him in the project.

Eventually, some pertinent facts have been revealed and we can make a sane assessment of the matter.

As mentioned above, do your homework, and get a good grasp on the source, the history, and the integrity of the proposal. “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”. But even the most successful businesses have hiccups, some terminal.

One program that I use weekly is a Cashback Buying facility. It has income potential, but day-by-day, it saves me money. I receive worthwhile personal discounts (which are monetized by Cashback) on daily purchases.  Savings are Earnings.

The result of $1 of income could be anything from a loss to $1 profit.

However, $1 of saving = $1 profit.

 There are income possibilities in the facility which might eventuate over time. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my discounts, and know that the one thing that is certain in life, is that people buy every day…“Get yourself at the head of a stampede, and enjoy the ride”

How to offer to others, the facility to obtain a Cashback discount, appears to be the absolute greatest challenge ever.

If you use a Coffee card, where the 10th coffee is free, you are getting a 10% saving.

Imagine getting an average of 10% discount on general or specific shopping, and receiving the 10th week of shopping free. It appeals to me. One might think that it would be a no-brainer!

I also buy and use Herbalife Nutritional products. Those that know me, will recognize that such a program is beneficial in maintaining a high level active physical presence.

My previous life was specializing in Professional Financial Planning and Strategy. The GFC caught me and my clients short, and is not a happy story.

However, I do maintain close links to active specialists in the field and am adamant that everybody needs specialist help in this area. Do not believe that the Age Pension will see you through your (40+/- years of) retirement.

You must have substantial Superannuation or alternate reserves, and / or,  continuing alternate (passive) income, to see you through your retirement.

Don’t ever underestimate the value of regular dividend income! The sooner you set up your dividend producing portfolio (and keep adding to it), the better. It takes time and it is boring – but absolutely essential.

I can direct you to your immediate opportunity to receive your Cashback discounts on many of your purchases; go to:

… To join is free and immediate. Upgrade is available.

And to market the facility, go to :


For other matters, email me at for further information and action.

So, from a blank sheet and no ideas, I have filled two pages.

Success might be defined as “Becoming a Credible Expert and passively teaching your market.” It will prove to be the vital element in achieving success in any program or field of endeavour.

My best wishes with your wants, desires and open mind.

Start yourself with a blank sheet and see where you go.

Let me know.

With best wishes

David Massey

Mobile: 0402 349 218  (International +61 402 349 218)


My web site:


Spreadsheet for Your Budget, Take to Your Tax Accountant, Record Keeping, or Write a Letter

Spreadsheet for Your Budget, Take to Your Tax Accountant, Record Keeping, or Write a Letter…challenge a fine; claim a refund; explain how you feel. We can help.

What Do You Need?

With Tax* time always around the corner, you need to gather and categorize all of your Expenses, Income, Medical receipts, Rental Property details, and Investment detail etc.

And you might be trying to establish and monitor your Budget and Commitments, or Plan a Trip.

Do you need to Write a Letter – to Object to a Fine, Claim a Refund or Credit, Prepare the details for a looming Court Case,  Apply for a Job?

Home Help is available**.

Whatever you need in putting pen-to-paper, ask if we can help. Tell us what you need.

If you can read this, your locality is not a problem; that is the new world, and you are part of it.

**For those living in my area, South East Suburbs and Peninsula, of Melbourne, Australia, we can also help with your needs around the house, including gardening, help with the shopping…etc. Just ask and see if we can help you.

Email me at:

Or ring / Text: 0402 349 218  (International +61 402 349 218)

David Massey

*Formerly and Formally qualified to CPA, Specialist in Professional Financial Planning  


I Have Second Thoughts on the Relevance of This Photo


You will note my initial comment on this photo. I have second thoughts on the relevance of this photo. In reality, the photo is very symbolic of the phase that I have been passing through. And I am pleased to believe that I am now in the reconstruction and recovery phase.  There is plenty of soul-searching involved, but it all comes back to basics.

I am not expected to be perfect; I am expected to do the best I can with the resources that I have and create.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses/ preferences; my preferred operational method does not suit all. This is my preferred path, toward achieving goals that will benefit all.

On-line Attraction Marketing and sharing Valuable Benefits is my preferred Path and Goal.

My shopfront is my eShop. It includes:

 The Jewel in the Crown – available to all and pertinent to all:

 * Cash-back discount on (most of) your shopping

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My aid to personal health and fitness – no good doing all this if you can’t make good use of your free time and benefits.

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I am interested in your comments, opinions and queries.

With my best wishes

Mobile: +61 402 349 218

Cyclists – Door Openings. Whose Responsibility?

Cyclists – “Door Openings”, Whose responsibility? 

 I have just watched Channel 10 “The Project” where they discussed Cyclists accidents and deaths from “door openings” and I listened during the day on radio to various references to bicycle accidents and abuse.

And I have looked up “Road Laws for Cyclists”.

From a brief view, apart from wearing a helmet (which I did not notice on the site), it appears that all that is necessary for a cyclist is to obey Stop Signs, Stop here on Red Signal/ Arrow, or Give Way sign.

It strikes me that there is no other legislated, or obligatory requirement to ride responsibly, and to obey the everyday laws that Motorists get fined for transgressing.

There is no law nor expectation that a cyclist, travelling in a Cyclists Lane, nor in general traffic, should pass a parked car at a safely reduced speed, or width…if traffic permits.

The law appears to permit a cyclist to travel at full speed in any Cyclist Lane, or elsewhere.

This is absolutely absurd, and contrary to all Duty of Care principles around which the Law, is supposed to be founded.

When a Cyclist Lane is too narrow, or is obstructed, a cyclist has the same duty of care to enter an adjacent lane as has a motorist, i.e. when it is safe so to do.

Cyclists assume the right to enter lanes at will. And no Law stops them.

Get the obligations equal.

It should not need separate legislation, just an equal application of the road laws… with the understanding, that a road speed limit law, does not mean that for either cars or cyclists, it is safe nor applicable to drive at that speed in all conditions, and circumstances.

I frequent a Coffee shop in a suburban strip on a busy road. In the early morning (peak traffic) cyclists speed on the foot-path past the open doors of this and other shops on the strip. The road traffic has been limited to 40kph, however the illegal cyclist (speeding) footpath traffic goes without restriction.

We need to get the emphasis away from the “poor Cyclist”, and revert to sensible Road Laws and Responsibility for all users.

It is great to see and be able to cycle on our roads, but since cycling has become a means of transport rather than leisure, the emphasis has changed to the detriment of all.

If we want to let our children enjoy the freedom that we had, we need to make it safe, and equitable for all.


How Much Do I Need For Retirement?

How Much Do I Need For Retirement?

How much Super?

Will it be Fully Funded?

I am under 30:           No worries mate.

40:                  Yes, I think I’m OK

50:                  Um…how much do I need?

60:                  How can I top it up?

70:                  Why wasn’t I told??? I need to find a job; where can I get a job at my age?

 I have never been one to advise to contribute heavily into Super. We need to use a lot of money now, while we are buying a home, raising a family, having an occasional holiday.

This money is not available whilst sitting in Super., but you can assist to finance your now-needs by incrementally creating a Personal Investment Pool. Conservative leveraging against this pool can also be used to assist with your daily lifetime needs, without selling down the valuable asset.

I have always been adamant that we all need to build a sustainable, passive, lifetime income stream.

It needs to be, or become passive, otherwise it will always depend on you putting in daily hours to keep it going.

I regard Retirement as a misnomer. We all need to quit the 40 hour week paid job, or 100 hour personal business at some stage, however what we need to do, is to revert to something which captures our interest, is enjoyable, and hopefully might produce a sustainable income.

As well as this sanity-and-health-saving interest, we need to have built an income which has been bubbling along beside our main source job or business, and which will continue throughout the rest of our life.

The time to start to build this income, is whilst we don’t need itNOW. If you have passed this point… it is still NOW.

It will take time, and it will require work; but it is essential.

For those who have been able to fund a BIG Super. Fund, or investment portfolio, this might be as far as you need to go. Investment dividends and benefits will give you the regular income that you need. It still requires your time, and hands-on involvement, but there is help available.

For the majority of people, this will not be enough, given that we might expect to live for 30+ years after the “job” ends.

I would maintain that even those with the big investment pool should also work at creating a parallel income stream. More eggs in the basket, and a diverse interest!

We believe that we have an opportunity to tap into the best ever source of continual income. It uses the common known fundamental, of finding a surging Market, and placing yourself in front of it.

Not always easy, and not necessarily lasting, however, what can be more certain and lasting, than the day-to-day living expenditure of the world? It might go up and down, and focus might change from product/ activity/ service / country, but when you have the total market covered, it doesn’t matter. People will shop.

The company of which I am talking has been in operation for 10 years, and has over 6,000 “products” on it’s list. It is free to join, and carries no obligation to on-sell.

On-sell (work) is available, and carries reward for effort (work).

Savings, or savings plus income, rely on the world going out to shop every day… safe enough?

No matter whether you are at “no worries mate”, or “why wasn’t I told?”, and you have an hour or so to actually seriously consider the matter, you might have a look at to join free and shop and save,

then continue on to  to see the Work* (shop, save, and work, and be paid) side of it.

This is the lifetime sustainable, continuing income side of it (where you start Now).

It is relevant and active in most countries…even yours.

If you visit, please let me know what you think:

Mob: +61402349218

* I said  “…we believe that we have an opportunity…”

If Rob Fore says that he believes this to be “the last hurrah” it is worth listening.

His credentials are real, his work ethic is renowned.

You will notice that I continue to say Work …work and be paid.

It is strange that many people can’t quite comprehend this concept.

Secret: (Life has gone past 9-5 at someone else’s desk! Others work too!)

I have posted about Selling previously, and will update later. A prominent Director at a major public company proclaimed that “anyone who does not sell, will never progress through this company” E.R.Wilmoth.

I invite you to try it; you might enjoy saying “no worries mate” at 70.

Call me at any time: