It’s Decision Time at Viridian

Hi Guys

Yes, it is decision time at Viridian – Viridian Responsible Energy.

We are now at the enrollment decision time, where you can take the opportunity to enroll at the once-off price of $99.

A reasonable price to pay for your own business! To sell an everyday product that everybody uses and everybody needs!

 It is all happening. 

Please advise me if you are going to take advantage of the Associate Member opening special of $99.00 AUD start up, so that I can follow your application and ensure that you are in.

Email me for a copy of the Notice of Commitment form.

You can sign this (include David Massey as Sponsor; ID to be advised), and email it to back to me. I will continue the process and be back in touch.

The chart below lists the various stepped stages, leading up to the normal and final price of $399.

Time and timing is crucial – there are no second chances, or “Oops, I forgot”.

If you would like to refresh on our previous messages, and the background and history of Viridian Responsible Energy see:

If you are anywhere in Australia or America, this opportunity is open to you right now. And since the opportunity is hot off the press in Australia, it offers you an exceptional opportunity to create your own piece of “my Business”, from your own office.

There is still time to build your business and catch the pre-launch benefits, however we will be here for the long haul, so at very least, catch this opportunity to buy in at the once-off right price.

Enrollment prices are staggered over the next weeks, up to the standard enrollment of $399.00AUD:

May 5 & 6                                                    $99

May 7 to May 25                                        $149

May 26 to June 8                                      $199

June 9 to June 22                                     $249

June 23 to Customer Launch                  $299

Standard Enrollment thereafter               $399

So be there now for the opening and take advantage of this exciting opportunity Down Under.

I hope to see you on the other side.






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