Do You Realise the Magnitude of the Offer?

I don’t want to pester you, but I do want to ensure that I have made you aware of the magnitude of what is on offer.

For the first time, this Direct Selling Company, Viridian Energy (rated No. 51 on the world’s Top 100 Direct Selling Companies list) is going International, and the Country that they have chosen is Australia.

We are selling Gas and Electricity, and; this is the first time that this industry has been open to Direct Selling.

The Bad News is that overseas business owners have had a five week break on us, and they are ecstatic about their good luck. As I write, they are working like crazy to grab the Australian market.

The Good News is:

  • We are here and we know more people in Australia than any overseas person.
  • You have the opportunity to get a team together by Launch date (mid June), and hit the ground running in the first week.  “Hit the ground running”, with your team in place, includes receiving a Bonus Joining Fee discount of $300, and an opening Commission cheque which can be in the $xx,000.
  • You get paid Weekly.
  • With a Team in place, you will receive a continuing Residual Income.
  • You continue to expand, your Team will continue to expand, and your income will continue to increase.
  • The product is used every day by every person, 24/7.
  • We are joining an already established supplier, so there will be no lumps and bumps in the Launch.
  • You have help every step of the way.
  • You are helping the environment.

The Disaster might be that when you get around to work on your hot list of associates, friends* and friends’ friends, you might find that they have already joined with someone else!

*It is well known that Friends are the last to consider your Offer, however, remember that they are already a customer, and not only do not lose anything by joining you, but they are contributing to the environment by so doing. Those who themselves would like to create an income, have the same opportunity as you have now. They will have the same help.

So what do you do now?  Email, call or text me to get all the links to view the details, see when there is an information meeting near you, and to get an application form.

June will come very quickly – you need a team in place for Launch, to receive the Opening Bonus, and to commence your weekly cheques. 

Give me a call!


With best wishes,

David Massey

Mobile: +61 402 349 218    Email:

As you might gather, this is not an Auto-response message, I am a real person, living in Somerville, Victoria, waiting for your call, and doing exactly the same as you will be doing – with help. Call me.

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